Code of Aegis

The underground world of Aegis awaits to engage your students in programming concepts and STEM education.


What is Code of Aegis?

Introducing a new way to engage your students in learning to code and understanding programming concepts. Engage 6th–8th grade students with an adventure-based storyline and relatable characters while encouraging them to problem solve and think creatively.

Code of Aegis is an educational game designed to encourage and support students as they learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) topics. Players are immersed in the multi-tiered underground world of Aegis, following a group of friends as they try to find a way to the surface and join the three societies.

Through graphic novel artwork, animated explorations, and character dialogue, your students will uncover the story of Aegis as they focus on understanding programming concepts and robotics to become a member of the Aegis Robotics League. To be a successful member, students must learn to write a narrative, construct pseudocode, calculate circumference, design a flowchart, and more.

Part 1. Introduction to Programming

Chapter 1- Engineering Design Process
Chapter 2- Narrative
Chapter 3- Pseudocode
Chapter 4- Flowcharting

Part 2 Basic Programming

Chapter 1- Robot Movement vs. Time
Chapter 2- Robot Movement using Rotations
Chapter 3- Using Variables and Loops
Chapter 4- Application of Movement, Variables and Loops
Chapter 5- Branching

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Code of Aegis is feature packed!


Learn to Code

Lessons based in dialogue and graphic novel segments teach programming concepts while onscreen practice allows students to experience how to build narrative, pseudocode, flowcharts, and code.

Testable STEM Concepts

Student knowledge is tested throughout the game to ensure concept mastery. In-game visual and text-based feedback is given to assist student learning.

Lesson Plans Included

A lesson plan is available for each chapter to highlight the key topics, ways to introduce the lesson, education objectives, vocabulary, and extension activities.

STEM and Standards

The game incorporates STEM topics that are mapped to Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and Standards for Technological Literacy.

Output Code to a Real Robot

Once the student masters the concepts of programming, they can output the code from the game and run the exact mission with a real robot.


Explore the world of Aegis through graphic novel artwork, animated explorations, character dialogue, and 3D robot runs, while earning triumphs and learning new educational concepts.

Code of Aegis Team

Designed for Teachers

Teachers love the benefits brought to the classroom by Code of Aegis. It delivers an exciting educational experience for students but designed with educators in mind, offering lesson plans, online tutorials, and an inclusive teacher console.

The teacher console is provided to the teacher as a way to monitor lesson progress, time-on-task, content comprehension through assessment and the ability to run progress reports. The console has a user-friendly dashboard design and is tablet-friendly.

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“I feel the lessons were beneficial and teacher friendly. The students really enjoyed the game. They were even collaborating through-out the program. It was beautiful!”

Teacher – Houston


Infographic: Ed Game Features

The Institute of Education Science (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education, funded a study to understand the feasibility of using digital games for learning in schools and the features most in demand by teachers and educators. ThinkZone received a SBIR grant from IES to conduct the ‘Digital Education Games Survey.’ The final report was published earlier this year.

The following...

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Addressing ThinkZone’s Findings

Tietronix and the Code of Aegis project team are anxiously anticipating the final report from ThinkZone’s Digital Education Games Survey. In this survey, 800 teachers and 350 school administrators identified features needed in games to make them feasible as a learning platform for schools.

The Code of Aegis project team worked diligently to address the needs of teachers...

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